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Feeling uncapable of making the most from the modern technologies?

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This is SOFTING.NET, a website that risks to improve radically your relationship with Information Technology! You probably already noted that in a wide range of applications, the quality of the sofware is essential for the quality of the production. But quality is a very nebulous noun, and often particular technical skills are necessary to make the right choices. On this website you will learn to which features you can expect in your next software and how to evaluate the softwares you already have.

SOFTING.NET designs and develops your personalized web based application in a cheap and safe way, to satisfy your personal needs with advanced tools and efficient procedures.

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If your tools have to "fit" like skin, it can be inferred that they need great flexibility and accessibility endowments, that only internet can provide with reliability and low costs.

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A quality tool ensures the highest level of automation, supporting operations in every phase and giving immediate feedback, also by email or text messages.

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A good management system can allow a partial access to your data from your co-workers and clients, consenting synergies, teleworking and absorbing several activies related to "Customer care", offering at the same time a continuous and automatic service.

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A technology independent from the devices (computers, mobile phones), able to guarantee a quick restoration after events such as distruction or theft.

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A computer farm, owned by a national provider, reaches a very high level of security. No private or corporate network can provide you the same safety at the same cost of a computer farm, where expert technicians maintain the data-keeping servers 24/7.

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An ideal system doesn't require any physical intervention of expert staff. Assistance, modifications and integrations of your softwares can easily be made remotely, without any access to the offices.

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